What's NEW 🆕
Company admins can now build a library of standardised templates for project teams to use. Project admins can import templates from the company template library to use and make project-specific.
Why does it matter 👀
Gone are the days of multiple versions of the same template across your company on Visibuild. The template building process is now streamlined with the introduction of the template library. You can have full confidence that your project is using templates built by management.
Build company templates (Company admin)
  1. Navigate to company setup > template library
  2. + New template
  3. Edit and publish to the company template library once you're ready!
Import company templates into projects (Project admin)
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  1. Navigate to project setup > template library
  2. +New template > Import from company library
  3. Template imported as draft, continue making project specific edits editing until you're ready to publish!