Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


We've combined the company and assignee filter so you can now quickly filter by members or companies in the one filter.
We're stoked 🤙 to announce the first release of Bulk Actions, a powerful tool designed to streamline change management on your projects.
What's New?
Bulk Update Assignee, Location & Reviewer Fields:
Managing large volumes of Visis is now easier than ever. Update these fields for up to 50 Visis at once. Typical workflows we encounter every day in the Visibuild platform where Bulk Actions could be leveraged include:
Coming Soon:
Enhanced Client Visibility:
Want to provide a specific set of Visis to your client for added visibility? Add them as Viewers at scale, ensuring they have the insights they need without the hassle of individual updates.
Export Selected Visis to CSV:
Seamlessly export your Visis for analysis and reporting.
Bulk Updates to Due Dates:
We've recently released the automated due dates on your projects issue Visis, next up is updating those due dates in bulk, saving you even more time.
We're committed to making your Visibuild experience as efficient as possible. If you have more ideas for Bulk Actions, feel free to share them with us. Your feedback drives our improvements!
Try it out now and let us know what you think. Your suggestions and ideas are invaluable as we continue to enhance your Visibuild experience. 🏄‍♂️
Time-Saving Update: Automated Due Dates for Smoother Issue Management!
Introducing Automated Due Dates – designed to take the hassle out of managing Issue Visis (Defects, Incorrect Works, and Incomplete Works). 🛠️
Why It's a Game-Changer:
Tired of manually setting due dates for mountains of Issues being raised on your project? We get it. That's why we've introduced Automated Due Dates.
With Automated Due Dates, your Issue Visis will now get their due dates automatically – no more manual input needed. 🎯
How to Set It Up:
Project admins can simply define a default due date duration for the project by heading to Project setup > Issues.
For example, if you expect all Issues raised on the project to be closed out in one week, set the duration to 7 days. It's all about setting the benchmark for what you accept as a suitable issue close out duration on your project. 📅
Update your App 📱
Please remind all project users who are capturing defects to ensure their Visibuild mobile app is updated to the latest app store version (0.49) to ensure all defects raised are automatically stamped with the correct due date 📆
Ready to Embrace Efficiency?
Stay tuned for more exciting updates from Visibuild, and keep sharing your feedback. Your insights drive our continuous innovation. 💡👇
What's New?
We've enhanced the experience of building out and tracking multi-trade templates on your project.
If you have an upcoming pre-pour or pre-sheeting template that includes multiple subcontractor inspections than this streamlined method of linking project template will be perfect for you.
Instead of building nested subcontractor inspection from scratch you can now create a direct link to each subcontractor template within your master template.
Why bother linking instead of nesting?
Linking instead nesting will provide two major benefits to your projects next batch of multi-trade templates:
Here's how to make it happen:
What's New?
Save as draft:
Say goodbye to constantly publishing new revisions when building templates. With Template Drafts, you can now save your work in progress, providing project admins with a more flexible and efficient way to develop project specific templates.
Why It Matters:
Reduced Template Revisions:
Managing template revisions is a breeze now. Fewer revisions mean less variance in Quality checks, ensuring consistency across your projects.
How to Use It:
Try it out today and let us know how Template Drafts make your template management more efficient. Your feedback is invaluable as we continue to enhance your Visibuild experience. 📋✅
What's New?
In addition to the existing data grouping options, you can now group Visis by two powerful dimensions:
Stage of Construction
. With a total of 57 unique disciplines and 11 stages of construction, you have an array of ways to organise your data for an unparalleled project overview.
The Stages of Construction:
57 Unique Disciplines:
Our expansive list of disciplines covers a broad spectrum, ensuring that you have a suitable category for every Visi on your project.
How to Access the New Groupings:
The new grouping options are seamlessly integrated into your Visibuild experience. You'll find them as new tabs alongside the existing Visis, Company, and Location groupings. Just click on these tabs to explore the enhanced categorisation capabilities.
We're continuously working on improving our data categorisation. If you have any suggestions or ideas for enhancements, don't hesitate to reach out to your dedicated Customer Success Coordinator.
We're pumped to see how you leverage these new grouping options to take your data management to the next level. 📊🏗️
Let's build better projects together with Visibuild! 💪🏗️🏆
Say hello to the Multi-Choice and Date Picker Requirements – designed to take your data collection to the next level. 📈
What's New?
Why it Matters:
How to Use It:
When creating your tasks in the template builder, select the requirement that best suits your needs, and tailor your data collection to be as structured and efficient as you want it to be. It's all about putting you in control of your project data. 🤝
Ready to Get Started?
The Multi-Choice and Date Picker Requirements are live and here to make your data collection more versatile and accurate. Start using them today and see how they transform your Visi template library.
Stay tuned for more exciting updates from Visibuild, and keep sharing your valuable feedback. Your input helps us keep innovating and delivering the tools you need to succeed. 💡👇
What is it:
Viewers allows you to set one or more companies as a Viewer on a template, granting them view-only access to every location where Visis are deployed from that template. 🔦
Why it Matters:
Transparency is crucial in construction. By adopting Viewers, you're fostering a culture of openness, allowing more stakeholders to see the project's evolution firsthand.
If you have a template where it would be beneficial to grant view only access to additional companies that aren't already the Assignee or Reviewer than this should hit the spot 🎯.
How to Use It:
To grant view only access to every Visi that is deployed from a specific template, project admins can now add Viewers to the entire template (or even specific nested Visis within a template).
Alternatively, if it is more beneficial to pick and choose which Visis require additional Viewers it is also possible to navigate to the Visi edit module and update Viewers as needed.
Tip: Visis are visible to the company of the Assignee, Reviewer and Viewer but only editable by the Assignee and Reviewer.
Ready to Get Started?
Visi Viewers is here to make your project management even more efficient and transparent. Start using it today and see how it transforms your project collaboration. The Visibuild community is always evolving, and we're here to make your construction management experience the best it can be. 🛠️
Stay tuned for more exciting updates from Visibuild, and keep sharing your valuable feedback. Your input helps us keep innovating and delivering the tools you need to succeed. 💡👇
No more endless scrolling or digging through location trees. With our new mobile search, you can now find your Visis and project locations at the click of a button.
Ready to give it a try? Update your Visibuild mobile app now and discover seamless searching on the go. 📲💪
We've introduced
the ability to archive attachments
to your Visibuild web app.
If you or another one of your teammates has uploaded a superseded drawing to your Visi or a project location simply navigate to the top right hand corner of your window and hit archive.
With this new functionality, you can now easily manage and organise project-related files, ensuring a clutter-free workspace, correct drawing revisions and seamless collaboration.
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