Time-Saving Update: Automated Due Dates for Smoother Issue Management!
Introducing Automated Due Dates – designed to take the hassle out of managing Issue Visis (Defects, Incorrect Works, and Incomplete Works). 🛠️
Why It's a Game-Changer:
Tired of manually setting due dates for mountains of Issues being raised on your project? We get it. That's why we've introduced Automated Due Dates.
With Automated Due Dates, your Issue Visis will now get their due dates automatically – no more manual input needed. 🎯
How to Set It Up:
Project admins can simply define a default due date duration for the project by heading to Project setup > Issues.
For example, if you expect all Issues raised on the project to be closed out in one week, set the duration to 7 days. It's all about setting the benchmark for what you accept as a suitable issue close out duration on your project. 📅
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Update your App 📱
Please remind all project users who are capturing defects to ensure their Visibuild mobile app is updated to the latest app store version (0.49) to ensure all defects raised are automatically stamped with the correct due date 📆
Ready to Embrace Efficiency?
Stay tuned for more exciting updates from Visibuild, and keep sharing your feedback. Your insights drive our continuous innovation. 💡👇